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Involved Projects and Packages

EmojiOne is a complete set of emojis designed for the web. It includes
libraries to easily convert unicode characters to shortnames (:smile:)
and shortnames to our custom emoji images. PNG and SVG formats provided
for the emoji images.

Underscore.js is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides support
for the usual functional suspects (each, map, reduce, filter...) without
extending any core JavaScript objects.

This project adheres to a code of conduct. By participating, you are expected
to uphold this code.

Long XML files can be daunting for humans to read. Of course, XML is
really designed for computers to read - not people - but there are times
when mere mortals do need to read and edit XML by hand. For example, if
your application stores its configuration in XML, or you need to dump some
XML to STDOUT for debugging purposes.
Syntax highlighting helps, but to really make sense of some XML, proper
indentation can be vital. Hence "XML::LibXML::PrettyPrint" - it can be
applied to an XML::LibXML DOM tree to reformat it into a more readable
Pretty-printing XML is not as CPU-efficient as dumping it out sloppily, so
unless you're pretty sure that a human is going to need to make sense of
your XML, you should probably not use this module.

Testings for https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1011147

Maintainer Bugowner

山木自己的测试源,成熟的软件包都会推送到opensuse_zh 或者官方源中。偶尔也会兼顾基友发行版。

Maintainer Bugowner


This project was created for package libreoffice-online via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package fcitx via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package ibus-libpinyin via attribute OBS:Maintained

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openSUSE 中文软件源

收录一些发起自中文 Linux 圈子的软件或中文 Linux 圈子常用的软件。

请提交开源或许可证明确(私有软件你必须是他的所有人或得到所有人书面授权分发)的软件。非开源但是 Linux 软件想用本平台发布请先去 forum.suse.org.cn 发帖讨论。

LibreOffice Online is a server service built from the main LibreOffice project code, which provides display and collaborative visual editing of a range of document types in a web browser. It does not include any form of file system. To be fully functional, it has to be integrated with file access and authentication provision from an underlying stack of software.


M17N is a shorthand for "Multilingualization" (M+ 17 letters + N).

This project tries to improve the support for as many languages as possible in openSUSE. It also serves as development project for packages around the topic of M17N in the openSUSE:Factory distribution. If you want to participate you can contact us individually or use our mailinglist opensuse-m17n@opensuse.org. Please report bugs to the respective bugowners as set.

Fonts belong to M17N:fonts.



libgooglepinyin is a fork of Google Pinyin on Android, it features to have excellent input
experience and uses little resource.

This package is for IBus to use libgooglepinyin.


A statistical language model based Chinese input method.


Test repository for M17N.


This repository is a "fonts only" repository. The packages here are named according to the openSUSE font packaging guideline:

See http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Packaging_Fonts

The command "osc meta prj" must list both arch i586 and arch x86_64 in each repository, because we layer this project as openSUSE.org:M17N:fonts in ibs:Documentation:Tools, where all packages will fail for i586, if i586 is missing here. Building packages as noarch does not change this issue, unfortunately.

Maintainer Bugowner

This plugin aims to implement the MPRISv2 D-Bus interface for DeaDBeeF for instance to integrate DeaDBeeF into Sound Menu.


OSD Lyrics is a lyrics show compatible with various media players. It is not a plugin but a standalone program. OSD Lyrics shows lyrics on your desktop, in the style similar to KaraOK. It also provides another displaying style, in which lyrics scroll from bottom to top. OSD Lyrics can download lyrics from the network automatically.

OSD Lyrics is released under GPL v3.

Shairport Sync is an AirPlay audio player – it plays audio streamed from iTunes, iOS, Apple TV and macOS devices and AirPlay sources such as Quicktime Player and ForkedDaapd, among others.

Audio played by a Shairport Sync-powered device stays synchronised with the source and hence with similar devices playing the same source. In this way, synchronised multi-room audio is possible for players that support it, such as iTunes.

Shairport Sync runs on Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. It does not support AirPlay video or photo streaming.

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