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Name Title
M17N Multilingualization Project
M17N:Devel Test repository for M17N
home:hillwood Hillwood
home:opensuse_zh openSUSE for Chinese Users Project
X11:MATE Empty master MATE project
X11:MATE:Factory Development branch of MATE
X11:Deepin Deepin Desktop and Applications.
home:hillwood:branches:M17N Branch project for package fcitx
X11:Deepin:Factory Development branch of deepin-desktop
X11:MATE:Medias MATE Based Medias
home:hillwood:livecd livecd
X11:Deepin:Go Deepin Go dependence
home:hillwood:branches:X11:Deepin:Factory Branch project for package deepin-mutter
M17N:fonts Fonts
home:hillwood:branches:X11:Deepin Branch project for package gala
home:hillwood:branches:home:hillwood Branch project for package nixnote
home:hillwood:gsoc ibus cloud
home:hillwood:branches:X11:Deepin:Go Branch project for package golang-github-alecthomas-kingpin
home:hillwood:shadowsocks shadowsocks
X11:MATE:Next Next version of MATE (this is not for end-users!)
home:hillwood:branches:openSUSE:Factory Branch project for package golang-org-x-tools
home:hillwood:branches:M17N:Devel Branch project for package ibus-libpinyin
home:hillwood:branches:GNOME:Apps Branch project for package corebird

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