Packages that were not integrated

Random pile of packages that was not pushed for openSUSE integration.

This is a graveyard from where you have to take the packages and copy them out before you will be able to use them.

Stuff is in varying state of quality, branch it and submit to devel:langauges:python (or its other subprojects) if you want to resurface again.

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Johannes Weberhofer's avatar

Dear maintainers, can you kindly enable the current openSUSE releases for this project?

Tomáš Chvátal's avatar

We don't plan to support anything here, if you want the package from here just resurect it. The project is just a garbage container and as such should not be used anywhere.

Johannes Weberhofer's avatar

Thanks for clearification. "Misc" is not that clear :-)

Sebastian Wagner's avatar

"Misc" is not that clear :-)


Johannes Weberhofer's avatar

I'd prefer unsupported or not-maintained or something similar

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