The development branch of Mozilla packages

This is the mozilla:Factory project. Its main purpose is to serve as development
project for packages around the topic of Mozilla in the openSUSE:Factory
distribution. If you want to participate you can contact us individually
or use our mailinglist Please
report bugs to the respective bugowners as set.

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Reinhard Max's avatar

Are there any plans to fix build of the latest Firefox version for Leap 15.4 and 15.5?

It looks like they don't currently build, because rust-cbindgen is disabled in this project and the version on SLE-15 is too old.

Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

Latest Firefox is available in the mozilla repo for at least 15.4 (15.5 does not exist yet, right?).

I completely got lost how package versions on Leap are updated. I was under the impression that the community (I) don't have any ownership anymore in Leap so rust-cbindgen would need to be updated by SUSE?

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