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Additional packages required by or supplementing Kolab 3.x

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weberho wrote almost 3 years ago

Dear Maintainers! We are currently working in creating PHP-version independent pear packages in server:php:applications. There are many links to those versions which will soon be removed. For all pear packages which are currently named php5-pearname or php7-pearname there already are or will be soon be replacements available named "php-pearname" in server:php:applications; please link to those packages, as the old packages will be removed which will break your links.

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ecsos wrote almost 3 years ago

This is a nice info which i had expected before the whole changes in php. Still thank you. :-)

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ecsos wrote almost 3 years ago

I have now branched the php-pear packages. Only php-pear-LDAP3 is missing. The php5-pear-* and php7-pear packages had i disabled to and for build.

Can we delete Leap_42.2, 42.3 and 15.0

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