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This project contains PHP extensions that are not part of the PHP distribution.

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lrupp wrote 14 days ago

A lot of php8 packages for Leap 15.4 currently fail with: "Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the $PHP_AUTOCONF environment variable. Then, rerun this script."

Anyone here, who can have a look what's happening?

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adkorte wrote 10 days ago

In Leap 15.4 somehow php8-devel lacks the following lines:

Requires:       %{php_name}-pear
Requires:       %{php_name}-pecl

This means that required packages to build the PECL extensions are not available for build. So either we need to convince the Leap 15.4 folks that removing these lines was not a good idea, or every package in server:php:extensions in should at least add an explicit

Requires:       %{php_name}-pecl

There is a requirement for %{php_name}-pear in %{php_name}-pecl already.

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lrupp wrote 8 days ago

Thanks for the analysis! Now I'm asking: How should we proceed?

[ ] Should I open a Bugreport against PHP in 15.4? [ ] Should we just enhance the PrjConf here in this project to get a quick workaround implemented? [ ] Should we ignore the problem and focus on Factory only?

I'm basically fine with all above, just want to make sure that we are on the same line here...

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dimstar wrote 7 days ago

Option 1 - bug sounds most correct.

the php8 package in Factory had this requires since the very first revision; which makes me wonder how SLE does not have it when following "Factory First"

Option 2 probably gives us the quickest turn-around time. I'd do something like Substitute: php8-devel php8-devel php8-pecl in prjconf for 15.4

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adkorte wrote about 14 hours ago

I've added option 2 to the prjconf in server:php:extensions and all seems to be well now here. But of course this won't magically fix the package in SLE, so fixing this will most likely need a bug report as well.

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