Shell Implementations

This project provides various shells, like zsh and others. It also serves as development project for packages around the topic of shells in the openSUSE:Factory distribution. If you want to participate you can contact us individually. Please report bugs to the respective bugowners as set.

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there's a ksh request waiting at, could someone take a look please?

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That is the job of the maintainer which is Michael (and I'll not accept without his agreement)

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Would it be possible for "release" packages (Leap15.1.15.2 and soon 15.3) to be built for aarch64?

At the moment aarch64 packages are only built in factory which does not make it possible to use them as part of a "stable" image build. (shellinabox is the specific package I need, I have forked it into my own obs to build but an 'upstream' solution would be better)

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Will this be enabled for Leap 15.5?

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