Cross-toolchain for amd64/PE target format, and Windows packages featuring binaries of that kind

This projects aims at providing cross-toolchain for building on linux for 64-bit windows as well as packages built with this toolchain.

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fstrba wrote almost 2 years ago

Hello, good people,

With the recent submission of mingwXX-pkgconf and mingwXX-cross-pkgconf, I would love to attract your attention to the face that in the requires generator, the mingwXX-cross-pkg-config was having a role. It was helping to generate the mingwXX(pkg:....) dependencies for devel packages. It would be good if those who want to have the pkgconf there checked the scripts and if they simply modified them to the extent that either of pkg-config and pkgconf (whichever is used) causes the generation of those dependencies. Since on Windows, we have to link with -no-undefined, this automatic dependency generation is extremely useful



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geekositalia wrote over 1 year ago

why leap 15.1 is exluded?

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rhabacker wrote over 1 year ago

I do not know, why 15.1 pointed to a deleted repo - fixed now.

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