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Request 198547 (accepted)

Testsuite package (bnc#829952)

Submit package home:kpetsch:...e:postgresql / postgresql93 to package server:database:postgresql / postgresql93

[-] [+] Changed postgresql93.changes
[-] [+] Changed postgresql93-libs.spec ^
[-] [+] Changed postgresql93.spec ^
[-] [+] Added postgresql-testsuite-int8.sql.patch ^
[-] [+] Added postgresql-testsuite-keep-results-file.patch ^
[-] [+] Added postgresql-testsuite-seclabel-location.patch ^

Mentioned Issues (1)

boo#829952 Reinhard Max rmax Closed
packaging of contained test suite in postgresql91

There's nothing to be done right now

Request History

Kilian Petsch kpetsch created request about 3 years ago
Testsuite package (bnc#829952)

Lars Vogdt lrupp Request got declined about 3 years ago
Please explain why you add the testsuite package and patches - but disable the test inside the specfile ?
Reinhard Max rmax Request got reviewed about 3 years ago
The testsuite package was requested by QA and has nothing to do with the tests being run (or not) as part of the build. IIRC we disabled the latter, because it was having problems at the time.
Reinhard Max rmax Request got accepted about 3 years ago

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