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Involved Projects and Packages

BCUnit is a unit testing framework for C, derived from CUnit.
(B)CUnit provides various interfaces to the framework, some of which are platform dependent (e.g. curses on *nix).
The framework complies with the conventional structure of test cases bundled into suites which are registered with the framework for running.

libtorrent-rasterbar is a C++ library that aims to be a good alternative to all the other bittorrent implementations around.
It is a library and not a full featured client, although it comes with a working example client.

The main goals of libtorrent-rasterbar are:
* To be cpu efficient.
* To be memory efficient.
* To be very easy to use.


CodeLite is an open-source, cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming languages.


Various IDEs


A set of file system clone utilities, including
ext2/3, reiserfs, reiser4, xfs, hfs+ file systems

Maintainer Bugowner

iksemel is an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) parser library designed for Jabber applications. It is coded in ANSI C for POSIX compatible environments, thus highly portable. It's a free software released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


gloox is a portable high-level Jabber/XMPP library for C++.

It is fully compliant with the XMPP RFCs, supports all of the XMPP features (including SRV lookups, TLS, SASL, roster management, and privacy lists), and implements several XEPs that make it ideal for writing any kind of Jabber/XMPP client or component.

It requires _libiksemel_ package!!!


QFaktury is a software for creating, managing, and printing invoices.
It also maintains a database for contractor information, and a
database for product information. QFaktury was created for a Polish
financial system, but it can be useful in other countries with or
without small modifications.

Maintainer Bugowner
Maintainer Bugowner

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This project was created for package kiwi-templates-JeOS via attribute OBS:Maintained


QupZilla is a new and very fast QtWebKit browser. It aims to be a lightweight web browser available through all major platforms. This project has been originally started only for educational purposes. But from its start, QupZilla has grown into a feature-rich browser.

QupZilla has all standard functions you expect from a web browser. It includes bookmarks, history (both also in sidebar) and tabs. Above that, you can manage RSS feeds with an included RSS reader, block ads with a builtin AdBlock plugin, block Flash content with Click2Flash and edit the local CA Certificates database with an SSL Manager.

QupZilla's main aim is to be a very fast and very stable QtWebKit browser available to everyone. There are already a lot of QtWebKit browsers available, but they are either bound to the KDE environment (rekonq), are not actively developed or very unstable and miss important features. But there is missing a multiplatform, modern and actively developed browser. QupZilla is trying to fill this gap by providing a very stable browsing experience.

Development Blog:

Git repository:
Issue Tracker:


QNapi is unofficial clone of NapiProjekt program (
written using Qt5. It's focused to be functional on GNU/Linux and other
Unix-like systems, for which NapiProjekt is not available.

Clementine is a modern music player and library organiser. Clementine is a port of Amarok 1.4, with some features rewritten to take advantage of Qt5.

* Search and play your local music library
* Listen to internet radio from and SomaFM
* Edit tags on MP3 and OGG files, organise your music
* Cross-platform - works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
* Native desktop notifications on Linux (libnotify) and Mac OS X (Growl)

This video thumbnailer can be used to create thumbnails for
video files. The thumbnailer uses ffmpeg to decode frames from the
video files, so supported video formats depend on the configuration
flags of ffmpeg.

The project also includes a C/C++ library that can be used by
developers to generate thumbnails in their projects.

Bcmatroska2 is a C library to parse Matroska files (.mkv and .mka).

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