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Name Title
home:Fisiu Fisiu's Home Project
devel:tools:ide Various IDEs
network Networking services and related tools
home:Fisiu:kadu Gadu-Gadu protocol client for online messaging
home:Fisiu:lcd freetype for lcd monitors (with subpixel rendering and hinting)
home:jkt-gentoo:trojita Trojit√°, a Qt IMAP e-mail client
home:Fisiu:kernel kernel with bfs and bfq patches
home:Fisiu:branches:network:telephony Branch project for package ortp
home:Fisiu:odroid-c1 odroid-c1 related packages
home:Fisiu:fixes Various package's fixes
home:Fisiu:branches:OBS:AppImage:Templates Branch project for package AppImageTemplate
home:Fisiu:branches:network Branch project for package qbittorrent
home:Fisiu:branches:KDE:Extra Branch project for package qnapi
home:Fisiu:branches:multimedia:apps Branch project for package DVDStyler

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