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This project contains the necessary packages to build an up to date development stack based on the ALP code stream

Authoritative dns server for A/AAAA container records. Forwards other request to host's /etc/resolv.conf


Buildah provides a command line tool which can be used to:
- Create a working container, either from scratch or using an image as a starting point
- Create an image, either from a working container or via the instructions in a Dockerfile
- Build images in either the OCI image format or the traditional upstream docker image format
- Mount a working container's root filesystem for manipulation
- Unmount a working container's root filesystem
- Update the contents of a container's root filesystem
- Delete a working container or an image


Conmon is a monitoring program and communication tool between a
container manager (like podman or CRI-O) and an OCI runtime (like
runc or crun) for a single container.

Configuration files common to github.com/containers, a collection of golang libraries, configuration files, manpages, and debugging tools used by various tools, such as skopeo, cri-o and podman.


podman is a simple client only tool to help with debugging issues when daemons such as CRI runtime and the kubelet are not responding or failing. A shared API layer could be created to share code between the daemon and podman. podman does not require any daemon running. podman utilizes the same underlying components that crio uses i.e. containers/image, container/storage, oci-runtime-tool/generate, runc or any other OCI compatible runtime. podman shares state with crio and so has the capability to debug pods/images created by crio.

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This project is where work on new versions for packages related to containers, like docker, runc, etc. is being done. This project contains the packages as well as the runtime dependencies. Thus, feel free to add this repo to your box and install the packages you are interested in.

Some build time dependencies are on other projects that we use on "build time", like go packages. If you are interested on knowing where each build dependency comes from, use "osc buildinfo".

Some packages here are automatically submitted to openSUSE:Factory.

Feel free to fork the packages here and send submit requests with patches/updates.

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