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Name Title
X11:Utilities X11 Utilities
vdr Video Disk Recorder
server:mail Email services
Emulators Emulators
devel:languages:misc various programming languages
devel:libraries:c_c++ A project for basic libraries shared among multiple projects
home:seife seife's Home Project
CrossToolchain:avr Crosscompiling Toolchain for ATMEL AVR microcontrollers
network:telephony Telephony Software of all kinds
home:seife:testing testing
home:seife:umtsmon-old umtsmon-old
multimedia:libs Multimedia Libraries, Codecs and Command Line Tools
Base:System Base:System Factory Devel Project
hardware Hardware tools
multimedia:apps Multimedia Applications
network Networking services and related tools
isv:B1-Systems B1 Systems GmbH
isv:B1-Systems:Horde5 Horde 5
isv:B1-Systems:Horde5:rolling Horde 5 unstable releases
isv:B1-Systems:Horde5:stable Horde 5 stable releases
home:seife:vdrdevel unstable vdr packages
isv:B1-Systems:OpenStack:development Development
isv:B1-Systems:Horde5:dependencies Pear dependencies for Horde 5
isv:B1-Systems:OpenStack:release OpenStack Packages for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
isv:B1-Systems:OpenStack:tools tools
isv:B1-Systems:OpenStack:tools:memcached THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED. DON'T USE IT ANYMORE.
isv:B1-Systems:Redmine project management web application
vdr:legacy Old VDR packages
vdr:plugins additional plugins for VDR
home:seife:fixsuse Fix openSUSE
home:seife:OpenStack OpenStack
home:seife:CentOS7_EPEL EPEL packages for CentOS 7
X11:xfce Xfce Desktop Enviroment
home:seife:linktest testing project to test inter-buildservice copies and linking
home:seife:xfce XFCE devel project
home:seife:xfce:unstable XFCE devel project
home:duwe:crosstools GNU toolchains targeted at various non-x86 embedded platforms
vdr:unstable vdr-next packages
home:seife:kiwitest Test kiwi image builds
home:seife:kiwitest-centos KIWI Test build for centos 7
X11:xfce:rat Xfce Development Repository aka RAT
vdr:2.2 Archive of old VDR 2.2 packages
X11:xfce:disks Disk Images of openSUSE Xfce
home:seife:chef Packages for one special user :-)

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