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Involved Projects and Packages

kompose is a tool to help users who are familiar with docker-compose move to Kubernetes. kompose takes a Docker Compose file and translates it into Kubernetes resources.

kompose is a convenience tool to go from local Docker development to managing your application with Kubernetes. Transformation of the Docker Compose format to Kubernetes resources manifest may not be exact, but it helps tremendously when first deploying an application on Kubernetes.


Dell SupportAssist log collector for Linux

Staging project for the PackageHub packages submissions. This project will be used to build the packages against the openSUSE:Backports:* repositories for the SUSE Package Hub submission.

Pattern for SLES

Maintainer Bugowner

Stable releases of moolticute.


A TUI for Mastodon with vim inspired keys. The program has most of the features you can find in the web client.

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