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A KDE Photo Manager


digiKam is a simple digital photo management application for KDE, which
allows you to import and organize your digital photos easily. The
photos can be organized in albums, which can be sorted chronologically,
by directory layout, or by custom collections. An easy-to-use interface
that enables you to connect to your camera and preview, download, or
delete your images, is provided.

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Comments for digikam 2

Olivier BELLEUX's avatar

Lord-Master wrote 3 months ago

Dear "Kde-Extra/Digikam" team,

I've been using this fantastic software for a few years and I think it's great the improvement of the face recognition tool ; I understand that DigiKam & Showfoto developers were forced to upload 300 MB of data to ~/.local/share/digikam/facesengine in order to not have to ask for ROOT access.

As described in this post, I am not the only one who wants to make the face engine accessible to all users; I have moved the ~/.local/share/digikam/facesengine folder to /usr/share/digikam/facesengine as suggested by Maik Qualmann. This works perfectly.

So I would like to suggest you to modify the digikam spec in order to produce a new rpm (noarch); the goal would be to install directly the face engine in /usr/share/digikam/facesengine, which would make it available for all users without any of them having to download it in their HOME.

Thank you very much for your great work in making so much fantastic software available to so many.


Fabian Vogt's avatar

Vogtinator wrote 3 months ago

Hi! AFAICT the data is in /usr/share/digikam/facesengine/ already? Is there a specific reason you'd like to have that in a separate package? Do you plan to use it from a separate application?

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