Framework for collecting feedback from application users

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KUserFeedback is a framework which allows applications to collect user
telemetry and feedback surveys. It is designed to be compliant with the
KDE Telemetry Policy, which forbids the usage of unique identification.

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Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

1.2 has been released, does this fixed the issue to warrant to re-enable it? if yes..remember to enable for git build also (as currently it's "Disabled until upstream complies with the KDE policies")

Fabian Vogt's avatar

The compliance is an issue of the individual users of kuserfeedback, not kuserfeedback itself.

Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

dont really get the issue...but okay

Luca Beltrame's avatar

KDE policy requires projects using kuserfeedback to have a discussion / review of what's collected (see Plasma has not done so, in violation of KDE's own policies. Therefore kuserfeedback support is disabled for Plasma and related software.

Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

Ohh...well that sucks...and does sound weird (why it exist then if plasma hasn't done that), as apparently KDE team does use the data they collect for their development (for example "cover task switch wasn't ported originally, because according to the data there wasn't many who used it...but after some backlash they ported it :D)

Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

about this being disable on openSUSE, so KDE closed the bug report with "Not a bug; saving local data that isn't sent anywhere isn't telemetry, it's how your system remembers state and settings." -statement

Fabian Vogt's avatar

I don't see how that statement is related to why kuserfeedback is disabled by default here

Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

so this will be disabled on openSUSE forever? and I still have no understanding why ....KDE says there is no issue and other Distros have on issue have it why openSUSE has it disabled?

Fabian Vogt's avatar

so this will be disabled on openSUSE forever?

Maybe. Personally I don't really like how this was handled.

KDE says there is no issue

No, they acknowledged that there was an issue.

other Distros have on issue have it why openSUSE has it disabled?

Those other distros also didn't notice that the KDE policies were violated.

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