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Signal Private Messenger for the Desktop

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0001-ts-log-Avoid-log-spam-for-ResizeObserver-loop-limit-.patch 0000001271 1.24 KB 9 months
Remove-build-time-dependencies.patch 0000001368 1.34 KB about 1 month
Signal-Desktop-5.49.0.tar.gz 0037894520 36.1 MB about 1 month
Use-system-Inter-font.patch 0000002675 2.61 KB about 1 month
prepare_vendor.sh 0000006532 6.38 KB about 1 month
signal-desktop-better-sqlite3-openssl.patch 0000001518 1.48 KB 4 months
signal-desktop-expire-from-source-date-epoch.patch 0000000649 649 Bytes 7 months
signal-desktop-remove-heif-support.patch 0000002144 2.09 KB 4 months
signal-desktop-webpack-openssl-3-0.patch 0000000903 903 Bytes 6 months
signal-desktop.changes 0000054414 53.1 KB about 1 month
signal-desktop.desktop 0000000292 292 Bytes over 2 years
signal-desktop.spec 0000011603 11.3 KB about 1 month
vendor.tar.xz 0337269736 322 MB about 1 month
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Fred Blaise's avatar

chapeaurouge wrote over 4 years ago

Thanks man :) Was about to do it, when I saw you had taken the pain out :) Seems to work well, trying just now for a few minutes, now, contacts sync'ed and all. Cheers!

Diego Assencio's avatar

dassencio wrote over 2 years ago

By the way, did you ever consider pushing this directly to factory? Thanks!

Bruno Pitrus's avatar

dziobian wrote about 1 month ago

It's likely that it would not pass legal review due to npm being a disaster, and the vendored dependencies being humanly unmanageable. I plan to test the process one day with bitwarden, which has much less dependencies.

Ki Mi's avatar

kimi wrote 23 days ago

Just to let you know, I tried to get Fedora 35 to compile Signal 5.49.0, but it failed. Electron 19+ is HUGE and it takes 40000 seconds to make one try... Version 17.4.6 compiles but the client fails for version 0.17+ that is needed. It seems it could work with electron 17.4.6 for quite some time, but I didn't manage to get it to compile. When Linphone AND Signal-Desktop both work on Fedora 36 I might consider upgrading to Feddora 36. That means that gcc-12.2 is out...

i thod's avatar

ithod wrote 22 days ago

Yes electron is huge. Note that with 5.49.0 libsignal-client is not required any more. With 5.50 also ringrtc and webrtc will be merged, see https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/989704

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