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Signal Private Messenger for the Desktop

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0001-ts-log-Avoid-log-spam-for-ResizeObserver-loop-limit-.patch 0000001271 1.24 KB
Remove-build-time-dependencies.patch 0000001368 1.34 KB
Signal-Desktop-5.55.0.tar.gz 0038503155 36.7 MB
Use-system-Inter-font.patch 0000002675 2.61 KB
esbuild_version.patch 0000000805 805 Bytes 0000006301 6.15 KB
signal-desktop-better-sqlite3-openssl.patch 0000001518 1.48 KB
signal-desktop-expire-from-source-date-epoch.patch 0000000649 649 Bytes
signal-desktop-remove-heif-support.patch 0000002147 2.1 KB
signal-desktop-webpack-openssl-3-0.patch 0000000903 903 Bytes
signal-desktop.changes 0000056595 55.3 KB
signal-desktop.desktop 0000000292 292 Bytes
signal-desktop.spec 0000017277 16.9 KB
vendor.tar.zst 0275570074 263 MB
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Fred Blaise's avatar

Thanks man :) Was about to do it, when I saw you had taken the pain out :) Seems to work well, trying just now for a few minutes, now, contacts sync'ed and all. Cheers!

Diego Assencio's avatar

By the way, did you ever consider pushing this directly to factory? Thanks!

Bruno Pitrus's avatar

It's likely that it would not pass legal review due to npm being a disaster, and the vendored dependencies being humanly unmanageable. I plan to test the process one day with bitwarden, which has much less dependencies.

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