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Filename Size Changed
MozillaFirefox-rpmlintrc 0000000029 29 Bytes
MozillaFirefox.changes 0000456974 446 KB
MozillaFirefox.desktop 0000009662 9.44 KB
MozillaFirefox.spec 0000027453 26.8 KB
_constraints 0000001095 1.07 KB 0000019456 19 KB
firefox-127.0.source.tar.xz 0558840124 533 MB
firefox-127.0.source.tar.xz.asc 0000000833 833 Bytes
firefox-appdata.xml 0000002172 2.12 KB
firefox-branded-icons.patch 0000001886 1.84 KB
firefox-kde.patch 0000010336 10.1 KB
firefox-mimeinfo.xml 0000000292 292 Bytes
firefox-search-provider.ini 0000000150 150 Bytes
firefox.1 0000003244 3.17 KB
firefox.js 0000000461 461 Bytes
google-api-key 0000000040 40 Bytes
l10n-127.0.tar.xz 0031787988 30.3 MB
mozilla-aarch64-startup-crash.patch 0000000777 777 Bytes
mozilla-api-key 0000000033 33 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1504834-part1.patch 0000002818 2.75 KB
mozilla-bmo1504834-part3.patch 0000000964 964 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1512162.patch 0000001314 1.28 KB
mozilla-bmo1822730.patch 0000002511 2.45 KB
mozilla-bmo1886378.patch 0000097201 94.9 KB
mozilla-bmo531915.patch 0000001021 1021 Bytes
mozilla-bmo849632.patch 0000001089 1.06 KB
mozilla-bmo998749.patch 0000001000 1000 Bytes
mozilla-fix-aarch64-libopus.patch 0000000431 431 Bytes
mozilla-get-app-id 0000001123 1.1 KB
mozilla-kde.patch 0000059720 58.3 KB
mozilla-libavcodec58_91.patch 0000000896 896 Bytes
mozilla-nongnome-proxies.patch 0000001460 1.43 KB
mozilla-ntlm-full-path.patch 0000000784 784 Bytes
mozilla-partial-revert-1768632.patch 0000000368 368 Bytes
mozilla-pgo.patch 0000005002 4.88 KB
mozilla-reduce-rust-debuginfo.patch 0000000414 414 Bytes
mozilla-rust-disable-future-incompat.patch 0000000926 926 Bytes
mozilla-s390-context.patch 0000001300 1.27 KB
mozilla-silence-no-return-type.patch 0000044617 43.6 KB
mozilla.keyring 0000025687 25.1 KB 0000006877 6.72 KB
one_swizzle_to_rule_them_all.patch 0000001261 1.23 KB
spellcheck.js 0000000060 60 Bytes
svg-rendering.patch 0000001082 1.06 KB
tar_stamps 0000000342 342 Bytes
Comments 9

Björn Bidar's avatar

While importing the patches into Gecko-Dev git I noticed that mbo 531915 has been replaced by bmo 1729459:

Teuniz XXX's avatar

Can you please make Firefox to use the KDE filechooser again? The GTK filechooser is really clumsy and ugly. Thanks!

Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

That is the plan. It requires some work and it was more important to get the security fixes out as quickly as possible.

Björn Bidar's avatar

Created a request to reenable KDE filechooser.

pallas wept's avatar

I've been trying to get someone to look at this bug forever, please help!

Marco Huenseler's avatar

Hi! Would it be possible to patch the package to not disable video hw decoding on all AMD hardware? I was a little bit surprised to see that video decoding wouldn't work for me and even more surprised when I learned that it is always disabled for release and "late" (?) beta versions (in addition to blacklisting certain problematic hardware/driver combinations). The corresponding code seems to live inside widget/gtk/GfxInfo.cpp. It works using Fedora packages, they are using this patch:

Thank you for considering this!

Pawan Yadav's avatar

can't play youtube or any other site, audio is not working only video playing in latest version

pallas wept's avatar

It's working here for me, and working OK in a Tumbleweed Live ISO in a VM. Might be something wrong with your PC I'm afraid mate.... But either way, this isn't really the right spot to report it, so you won't get much help here. If you're sure it's a bug with the package, use that link on your left that says "Report Bug", to file it on bugzilla, but likely, it's a problem with your PC, so you might do better to go to a tech support forum.

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