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Linked against system libs. Pointed to shit into "${HOME}/.cache/mozilla/firefox" instead of /tmp. Mandatory extension signing is disabled. GPU acceleration is enabled by default.

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MozillaFirefox-rpmlintrc 0000000029 29 Bytes
MozillaFirefox.changes 0000444442 434 KB
MozillaFirefox.desktop 0000009662 9.44 KB
MozillaFirefox.spec 0000038145 37.3 KB
_constraints 0000001133 1.11 KB 0000019456 19 KB
firefox-124.0.1.source.tar.xz 0545772696 520 MB
firefox-124.0.1.source.tar.xz.asc 0000000833 833 Bytes
firefox-appdata.xml 0000002172 2.12 KB
firefox-branded-icons.patch 0000001886 1.84 KB
firefox-enable-vaapi.patch 0000001137 1.11 KB
firefox-kde.patch 0000010336 10.1 KB
firefox-mimeinfo.xml 0000000292 292 Bytes
firefox-search-provider.ini 0000000150 150 Bytes
firefox.1 0000003244 3.17 KB
firefox.js 0000022372 21.8 KB
google-api-key 0000000040 40 Bytes
l10n-124.0.1.tar.xz 0032588820 31.1 MB
mozilla-aarch64-startup-crash.patch 0000000777 777 Bytes
mozilla-api-key 0000000033 33 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1504834-part1.patch 0000002818 2.75 KB
mozilla-bmo1504834-part3.patch 0000000964 964 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1512162.patch 0000001314 1.28 KB
mozilla-bmo1822730.patch 0000002511 2.45 KB
mozilla-bmo531915.patch 0000001021 1021 Bytes
mozilla-bmo849632.patch 0000001089 1.06 KB
mozilla-bmo998749.patch 0000001000 1000 Bytes
mozilla-fix-aarch64-libopus.patch 0000000431 431 Bytes
mozilla-get-app-id 0000001123 1.1 KB
mozilla-kde.patch 0000059325 57.9 KB
mozilla-libavcodec58_91.patch 0000000899 899 Bytes
mozilla-nongnome-proxies.patch 0000001460 1.43 KB
mozilla-ntlm-full-path.patch 0000000784 784 Bytes
mozilla-partial-revert-1768632.patch 0000000368 368 Bytes
mozilla-pgo.patch 0000005002 4.88 KB
mozilla-reduce-rust-debuginfo.patch 0000000414 414 Bytes
mozilla-rust-disable-future-incompat.patch 0000000612 612 Bytes
mozilla-s390-context.patch 0000001300 1.27 KB
mozilla-silence-no-return-type.patch 0000044794 43.7 KB
mozilla-stop-the-stink-about-RUSTFLAGS.patch 0000000970 970 Bytes
mozilla.keyring 0000025687 25.1 KB 0000007991 7.8 KB
one_swizzle_to_rule_them_all.patch 0000001261 1.23 KB
spellcheck.js 0000000060 60 Bytes
svg-rendering.patch 0000001082 1.06 KB
tar_stamps 0000000344 344 Bytes
tar_stamps.beta 0000000704 704 Bytes
Comments 5

Richard Brown's avatar

Hello - can you please consider dropping this package from your home project? only has 12 worker servers capable of building firefox, which takes a great deal of time every time it does. As your package builds against Tumbleweed, the presence of this package in your home project draws a disproprotionate amount of resources away from other people. This delays submissions, builds, and updates to all official openSUSE Projects (Tumbleweed, MicroOS, Leap, etc). Many Thanks for the consideration. - Rich

Sergey Kondakov's avatar

Yeah ? Why don't you consider dropping yours instead ? I wasn't maintaining my fork for SEVEN years just for shits and giggles. And it wouldn't take that much resources if you would consider my suggestions more than 5 years ago for decreasing unnecessary rebuilds (why the hell it still trigger rebuilds of all dependant packages when OBS knows that there were no API change ?) and drove me off mailing lists, as with most of home-project users.

The reason for Mozilla projects' obscene build requirements is their rust dependency, obsession with bundling most dependencies and giant binary that balloons LTO requirements. If you would even had a glance at my fork, you would have seen that I already decreased build requirements several times over your official package. If OBS still uses it's top VMs and rebuilds it on every fart than you should direct your demands to its developers, if you still have any.

How about, instead of completely driving off people from SUSE altogether, after you personally already drove them off mailing lists and any inclination to volunteer in main repo maintenance, you would volunteer your paycheck on acquiring servers (Aliexpress has thousands if not millions of cheap 8-18 core Xeons, DDR3 ECC RAM and LGA2011 boards available, by the way) and actually steer some development in OBS'es build efficiency instead of smothering it just like you did with kiwi livecd toolkit & SUSE installer's fork-install capability which made mass-install of fixed-up SUSE images impractical thus cutting out more users ?

Richard Brown's avatar

Sergey Kondakov's avatar

And what this supposed to mean ? A threat that if someone does not comply to your passive-aggressive insults & demands and will not be completely driven off by your attitude, you will forcibly kick them off the community until there is only King Brown and his yes-men left ?

Richard Brown's avatar

Threat? No, just a reminder of the terms and conditions you are held under while using this platform.

What you choose to do with that information is up to you.

You might also want to peruse also

There appears to be a number of packages in home:X0F and it's subprojects which violate the rules, do you have approved exceptions to those rules with the OBS Legal Team? If not, would you like me to contact them on your behalf?

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