IP Packet Filter Administration Extensions

Xtables is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of IP
packet filter rules in the Linux kernel.

Xtables-addons is the successor to patch-o-matic(-ng). Likewise, it
contains extensions that were not, or are not yet, accepted in the
main kernel/iptables packages.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
xtables-addons-3.3.tar.asc 0000000833 833 Bytes 6 months
xtables-addons-3.3.tar.xz 0000322676 315 KB 6 months
xtables-addons-preamble 0000000090 90 Bytes over 7 years
xtables-addons.changes 0000013987 13.7 KB 6 months
xtables-addons.keyring 0000005616 5.48 KB about 4 years
xtables-addons.spec 0000003393 3.31 KB 6 months
Comments for xtables-addons 3

Alexander Karpov

Phazeus wrote almost 2 years ago

PLEASE!!! Add libelf-devel in spec to fix the build issue of those packages (64bit only):

xtables-addons-kmp-default broadcom-wl-kmp-default exfat-kmp-default spl-kmp-default vhba-kmp-default zfs-kmp-default

Jan Engelhardt

jengelh wrote almost 2 years ago

see SR 541615

Dominique Leuenberger

dimstar wrote almost 2 years ago

This is no bug tracker - any kind of comment added here is only seen by chance