DOS Emulator Well-Suited for Playing Games

dosbox is a DOS emulator that, thanks to its good graphics and sound
emulation, is exceptionally well-suited for playing games. dosbox
features a built-in DOS operating system and transparent access to the
Linux file system and is therefore very easy to use.

Source Files
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CONFIG-midi-mt32-gm 0000005571 5.44 KB 4 months
dosbox-0.71-manpage.diff 0000000609 609 Bytes over 13 years
dosbox-0.74-3-mt32-patch.diff 0000019544 19.1 KB 4 months
dosbox-0.74-3.tar.gz 0001326339 1.26 MB over 1 year
dosbox.changes 0000015725 15.4 KB 4 months
dosbox.desktop 0000000171 171 Bytes over 3 years
dosbox.png 0000018588 18.2 KB over 8 years
dosbox.spec 0000002811 2.75 KB 4 months
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