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Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free (beer), secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.
This is a modified version of Discord to remove the patent encumbered ffmpeg and swap with electron's pre-built non-patent ffmpeg lib.

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simon izor's avatar

I'm just gonna throw this out there... I don't think this should be in the default openSUSE repos at all.

People cannot uses Discord when it is out of date... so when Discord gets updated, people cannot use this package for like 2 days at least until a new snapshot hopefully containing it is released.

Jimmy Berry's avatar

Only happens every few months. Realistically Discord should give people a day or even a week!?!?!? to update and this would not be a problem. Obviously, if people want to install manually or out of games:tools before in snapshot they are free to do so. I use games:tools (since I usually am the one packing the update as well).

simon izor's avatar

That is never going to happen. The only person at Discord who had a clue about what a Linux is left about a year ago. There are literally no devs that you can talk to now.

This package is still out of date, so by now, no one is using it anyways. This package just becomes a hassle in the long run for anyone who would use it. At first it's like "oh, cool, Discord is just in the repos", and then it's like "oh, lame, Discord is still out of date in the main repos, let me continue to use this alternate repo".

Stuff like this leaves users have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to openSUSE.

simon izor's avatar

Honestly, dude, you think the same people who just released THREE stable releases in ONE day are going to do that? lol

Jimmy Berry's avatar

I did not say I think they would, merely what would be reasonable. Honestly the majority of development done world wide is rather scary...still get hard-coded passwords in "enterprise" hardware/software. I've given up expecting things to make sense.

simon izor's avatar

This still hasn't been updated because... why? That only makes my argument stronger...

simon izor's avatar

Also, pretty much everyone recommends just using the games:tools repo over this...

Helge P's avatar

Any idea why Discord does not appear in Plasma's System Settings -> Notifications -> Applications? As it is now, I cannot set notification badges for Discord on my task manager icons. It should be possible, as other distros make this possible and in e.g. kubuntu Discord appears in the list of installed apps in this notification setting.

Sebastian's avatar

please update to 0.0.17

Ivan Taberas's avatar

discord: symbol lookup error: discord: undefined symbol: av_stream_get_first_dts

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