Frescobaldi is a LilyPond music score editor for KDE4, with following

* Enter LilyPond scores, build and preview them with a mouseclick

* Point-and-click support: click on notes or error messages to jump to the
correct position

* A powerful Score Wizard to quickly setup a musical score

* Editing tools to:
- manipulate the rhythm
- hyphenate lyrics
- quickly enter or add articulations and other symbols to existing music
- run the document through convert-ly to update it to a newer LilyPond version

* A powerful Rumor plugin, using the Rumor program to quickly enter music by
playing it on a MIDI keyboard or even your computer keyboard

Frescobaldi is the KDE4 successor of LilyKDE, which is a Kate plugin for KDE3.

Wilbert Berendsen

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