Fast Library for Number Theory

FLINT (Fast Library for Number Theory) is a C library in support of computations in number theory. It is also a research project into algorithms in number theory. At this stage, FLINT consists mainly of fast integer and polynomial arithmetic and linear algebra.

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Comments for flint 3

Simon Puchert's avatar

simonpuchert wrote 4 months ago

Is the devel package even usable? The file "flint.h" includes "config.h", which isn't packaged for some reason.

This makes, a.o., "arb" unable to build (see @jengelh 's attempt).

Jan Engelhardt's avatar

jengelh wrote 4 months ago

It's a fucking mess. The use of #include "config.h" by system headers (which flint.h is at this point) is illegal, because it is prone to source any random config.h that is in the search path, and that config.h may contain a completely different set of #defines.

Simon Puchert's avatar

simonpuchert wrote 4 months ago

Indeed. Is there any way we can convince upstream to use a sane(r) method (e.g. calling it something like "flint-config.h" instead)?

For the time being, could this be used as a stopgap solution?