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OpenFOAM - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

OpenFOAM is a free, open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package produced by OpenCFD Ltd with twice yearly releases.

It has a large user base across many areas of engineering and science,
used in academic, government and commercial organizations.
OpenFOAM has an extensive range of features to solve complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat
transfer, as well as solid dynamics and electromagnetics.


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patruska wrote almost 2 years ago

maybe I'm writing something dumb, but using this package I cannot find the folders mentioned in the tutorial I'm using and apparently there's no "turorials" folder. Also the commando "run" doesn't find the path.

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openfoam wrote over 1 year ago

Well, missed your message entirely. This is a meta-package only and hooks into the respective "real" packages (eg, openfoam2012 etc). The tutorials and develop are in separate sub-packages. The base package is on the run-time parts. More explanation here:


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ramkumar47 wrote about 1 year ago

Hi developer/builder.. i have successfully built the OpenFOAM v2012 part on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed... but now i got stuck in the Paraview compilation that comes in the Third-Parties directory with OpenFOAM source. the Error i get is a bunch of "undefined reference" relating to VTK.. here is the starting line of that

/usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/10/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/vtkProbeOpenGLVersion.dir/vtkProbeOpenGLVersion.cxx.o: in function vtkRenderingOpenGL2_ModuleInit::~vtkRenderingOpenGL2_ModuleInit()': vtkProbeOpenGLVersion.cxx:(.text._ZN30vtkRenderingOpenGL2_ModuleInitD2Ev[_ZN30vtkRenderingOpenGL2_ModuleInitD5Ev]+0x5): undefined reference tovtkRenderingOpenGL2_AutoInit_Destruct()'

i tried the suggestions received from OpenFOAM's forums, stackoverflow etc... but i couldnt compile it.. and I need this paraview only as it contains some useful plugins whereas the paraview received from repos are not.


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openfoam wrote about 1 year ago

Hi Ramkumar,

The short answer would be that you shouldn't actually be using the ParaView source or makeParaView script from ThirdParty if you are building paraview. The ThirdParty tar file is meant as an OpenFOAM-specific convenience, but isn't actually anything better than ensuring that various packages are compiled with particular options and and usually installed in some specific locations.

For the ParaView compilation, there isn't much more in there except that it also compiles with development headers.

If you are trying to build/rebuild ParaView as an RPM package on tumbleweed, you should address the science:paraview maintainer. If it is a general ParaView build question, then https://discourse.paraview.org/ is a good resource. If it really is openfoam-specific, then could redirect your question to ThirdParty issues, although it will probably just be me answering there anyhow.

BTW: this is my general take on the topic of openfoam plugins and paraview

Cheers, /mark

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openfoam wrote about 1 year ago

NOTE: this openfoam package is no longer simply a meta-package but a complete build of the current openfoam version. (2021-06-30)

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