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Hello, why do you do this changes? And why did you split certbot? I can actuall not look in packages python-certbot (im on smartphone). Is certbot now python-certbot with all modules? Do xou have tested the package? I use it since begining of certbot (letsencrypt) without any errors on my servers! Why do xou have remove doc?

When you make this changes can you make it at least like fedora and other distros? https://pkgs.org/download/Certbot

When certbot now python certbot, than all programms must have a languages prefix e.g. qt-kate, perl-bugzilla and so on. Dont think this will not meaningfull. What do you mean?

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The certbot modules are to be split like on Fedora:


What upstream does is quite irellevant for distribution.

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It's not split like fedora. See: https://src.fedoraproject.org/cgit/rpms/certbot.git/tree/certbot.spec There is a package certbot and two subpackage python2-certbot and python3-certbot.

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Exactly, and we call it python-certbot resulting in python2-certbot and python3-certbot.

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And why python-certbot and not simple certbot?

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Also certbot is a binary indeed, but also it is a python module which can be used under both python2 and python3.

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So. Now it is occur what i'm fear. You have a coonfusion of package versions.

Example: python-certbot is 29.1 But python-certbot-apache is 0.28.0

Other packages also. What are now the benefit of splitting certbot? Imho nothing. Only more work, more erros, more problems and so on.

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yes, sadly instead of doing progress we do step backwards ...

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Please add Leap 15.1 to the repos and certbot to Leap 15.1!

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Please add Leap 15.2 to the repos. :)

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Please add Leap 15.5 to the repos :) I need this for package certbot-systemd-timer.

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