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Various php-applications

This project contains various php-applications

Comments for server:php:applications (7)

Andreas Vetter asvetter wrote 12 months ago

Can you please add repo SLE_12? TIA.

Lars Vogdt lrupp wrote 12 months ago

done. Thanks for bringing this up!

Andreas Vetter asvetter wrote 11 months ago

Thanks Lars :) The package pwgen has disabled Repos SLE_11_SP3 and SLE_12. Both build coorectly (I branched them). Can you reenable them please? They are required for phpmyadmin. TIA.

Lars Vogdt lrupp wrote 11 months ago

done. Sorry for the delay.

Lars Vogdt lrupp wrote 11 months ago

FYI - I disabled building for the following repositories : * openSUSE_11.4 (out of maintenance) * openSUSE_12.2 (out of maintenance) * SLE_11 (based on SLE 11 SP2, which is also out of maintenance since nearly a year)

All of them should be deleted in the end to save resources, but I guess disabling building will not break too much and saves build power on the other hand.

Ralf Lang ralflangb1 wrote 10 months ago

I don't like this too much.

It's almost no matter if you build most packages in s:p:a against SP2 or SP3 (SP1 makes a difference tho), they are mostly noarch.

SP2 and SP3 are still in support for long-running contracts.

I copied all dependencies to another repo to make sure stuff doesn't break.

Aeneas Jai├čle aeneas_jaissle wrote 3 days ago

The PEAR package metadata replacement in Factory and Tumbleweed is probably caused by php 5.6.15, that ships PEAR 1.10.1 (new option: metadata_dir).