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Various php-applications

This project contains various php-applications

Comments for server:php:applications (12)

Andreas Vetter asvetter wrote almost 2 years ago

Can you please add repo SLE_12? TIA.

Lars Vogdt lrupp wrote almost 2 years ago

done. Thanks for bringing this up!

Andreas Vetter asvetter wrote almost 2 years ago

Thanks Lars :) The package pwgen has disabled Repos SLE_11_SP3 and SLE_12. Both build coorectly (I branched them). Can you reenable them please? They are required for phpmyadmin. TIA.

Lars Vogdt lrupp wrote almost 2 years ago

done. Sorry for the delay.

Lars Vogdt lrupp wrote almost 2 years ago

FYI - I disabled building for the following repositories : * openSUSE_11.4 (out of maintenance) * openSUSE_12.2 (out of maintenance) * SLE_11 (based on SLE 11 SP2, which is also out of maintenance since nearly a year)

All of them should be deleted in the end to save resources, but I guess disabling building will not break too much and saves build power on the other hand.

Ralf Lang ralflangb1 wrote over 1 year ago

I don't like this too much.

It's almost no matter if you build most packages in s:p:a against SP2 or SP3 (SP1 makes a difference tho), they are mostly noarch.

SP2 and SP3 are still in support for long-running contracts.

I copied all dependencies to another repo to make sure stuff doesn't break.

Aeneas Jai├čle aeneas_jaissle wrote 10 months ago

The PEAR package metadata replacement in Factory and Tumbleweed is probably caused by php 5.6.15, that ships PEAR 1.10.1 (new option: metadata_dir).

Eric Schirra ecsos wrote 2 months ago

Can you please add repo openSUSE_Leap_42.2?

Robert Munteanu robert_munteanu wrote 2 months ago

openSUSE Leap 42.2 is not yet available as an option in the UI, so I can't enable it.

Ludwig Nussel lnussel wrote 12 days ago

Dear server:php:applications maintainers, there are several requests to openSUSE:Leap:42.2 that require your ok before they can be checked in. Please check https://build.opensuse.org/project/requests/erver:php:applications?state=review

Ludwig Nussel lnussel wrote 5 days ago

Ping! who is responsible here?

Robert Munteanu robert_munteanu wrote 5 days ago

As no one opposed the submissions I will approve them, as they all are simple leaf packages.