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Jazz² Resurrection - reimplementation of the DOS game
Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Jazz² Resurrection is a reimplementation of the game Jazz Jackrabbit 2
released in 1998. It Supports various versions of the game
* Shareware Demo
* Holiday Hare '98
* The Secret Files <<< recommended version
* Christmas Chronicles
* partially supports some features of JJ2+ extension and MLLE.

NOTE: To play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with jazz2 you need the original
game files.
The original game files must be copied to the following directory:
~/.local/share/Jazz²\ Resurrection/Source/

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
jazz2-native-2.4.1.tar.gz 0003086193 2.94 MB
jazz2.changes 0000014725 14.4 KB
jazz2.spec 0000003531 3.45 KB
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This needs to be updated to 2.2.2

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Can you update this to 2.5.0?

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