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Is there anything blocking this from being submitted to factory?

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There are some permissions issues, it is not yet clear what this is connected with, but if you set this shell by default, for some users the user session stops starting. In this form, I would not send it to the factory.

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I don't really think that should be a blocker as nushell is also useful as an interpreted language. Perhaps nushell could be submitted to factory through devel:languages:misc (or something similar) until it can function as the default shell (if that ever happens)?

Also, why does a shell have to be able function as the default shell in order to be submitted to factory? If you just don't add it to /etc/shells, the end user would have to manually add it in order to encounter the issue mentioned above.

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The developers don’t know yet how to solve this problem, there is a workaround, but the user will have to take care of it himself, not everyone will immediately understand why their session stopped starting

You can take a risk and send only to the devel repository, and see how many complaints there are, or suppress the message output when installing a package on the link with a workaround

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I think it would make more sense to just not add it to /etc/shells so that it could not be set as the default shell. That would avoid the issue entirely while still allowing it to be used as intended.

It can still be used as the interactive shell (either just by running it or configuring your terminal to use nushell as the shell), and it is quite useful as an interpreted language on top of that (for example, it has built in HTTP request support, can parse JSON, XML, etc...).

Is there some sort of rule for submitting shells to Factory that says they must function as the default shell? If not, I don't really understand the issue with not adding it to /etc/shells and letting it be used as an interactive shell and interpreted language.

Andrei Dziahel's avatar doesn't say a thing about it. Also fish is definitely in Factory on one hand, and making it work as login shell was a disaster back then in my time with it on another.

My vote would be submitting a package to Factory as is and disable /etc/shells entry if reviewers will require it.

In fact, anyone could submit it and see what happens.

/cc @dead_mozay

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Binary from latest version 0.89.0

nu: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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I don’t believe it, I just checked it on TW and Leap, I didn’t see any errors. Where did this library even come from? openssl 1.0 = /usr/lib64/ openssl 1.1 = /usr/lib64/ openssl 3 = /usr/lib64/, /usr/lib64/

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