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Involved Projects and Packages

GNU Prolog is a free Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains (FD) developed at INRIA by Daniel Diaz. GNU Prolog is based on two systems developed by the same author (with lot of code rewriting and a lot of new extensions): wamcc and clp(FD). Much work has been devoted to make it ISO compatible, full compliance being one of its goals.

'Array::IntSpan' brings the speed advantages of 'Set::IntSpan' (written by
Steven McDougall) to arrays. Uses include manipulating grades, routing
tables, or any other situation where you have mutually exclusive ranges of
integers that map to given values.

The new version of 'Array::IntSpan' is also able to consolidate the ranges
by comparing the adjacent values of the range. If 2 adjacent values are
identical, the 2 adjacent ranges are merged.

This is a fork of pyzeroconf, a Multicast DNS Service Discovery for Python.
It is compatible with Bonjour and Avahi.
Compared to some other Zeroconf/Bonjour/Avahi Python packages, python-zeroconf
is not tied to Bonjour or Avahi, does not use D-Bus and does not force you to
use a particular event loop or python-twisted.

An up to date C++ port of the popular Java Lucene library, a high-performance, full-featured text search engine.


Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes.
The command sequences may be stripped or be interpreted to generate formatted output (HTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX).


gws is a KISS, bash, colorful helper to manage workspaces composed of git repositories.


A utility that converts sourcecode to HTML, XHTML, RTF, LaTeX, TeX, XML or ANSI escape sequences with syntax highlighting.
It supports several programming and markup languages.
Language descriptions are configurable and support regular expressions.
The utility offers indentation and reformatting capabilities.
It is easily possible to create new language definitions and colour themes.


OpenGL-based 3D visualisation tool for source control repositories.

The repository is displayed as a tree where the root of the repository is the
centre, directories are branches and files are leaves. Contributors to the
source code appear and disappear as they contribute to specific files and

This project provides an infrastructure for translating man pages to different languages.


compsize takes a list of files (given as arguments) on a btrfs
filesystem and measures used compression types and effective
compression ratio, producing a report.


Solarus is a 2D game engine written in C++, and it executes games made in Lua. It is designed with 16-bit classic action RPGs in mind.

Maintainer Bugowner

A free and open-source game editor for the Solarus engine.

Maintainer Bugowner Reviewer

Eolie is a Web browser for the GNOME Desktop. It provides:
* Firefox sync support
* Secret password store
* A modern UI

Maintainer Bugowner

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Some extra 3DModels for SweetHome3D.

This package contains:
* 3DModels-Contributions
* 3DModels-KatorLegaz
* 3DModels-Scopia
* 3DModels-Trees
* 3DModels-Reallusion
* 3DModels-LucaPresidente
* 3DModels-BlendSwap-CC-0
* 3DModels-BlendSwap-CC-BY

Some extra Textures for SweetHome3D

This package contains:
* Textures-Contributions
* Textures-eTeksScopia

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