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Devel project for kubic

Ignition is an utility to manipulate disks and configuration files during the initramfs.
This includes partitioning disks, formatting partitions, writing files (regular files,
systemd units, etc.), and creating users. On first boot, Ignition reads its configuration
from a source of truth (remote URL, network metadata service, hypervisor
bridge, etc.) and applies the configuration.


D is an object-oriented, imperative, multi-paradigm system programming language, with an emphasis on convenience (automatic types, dynamic and associative arrays, slices, ranges, garbage collection), power (choice of multiple paradigms, ability to interface with C code, true immutable data, pure functions, integrated unit testing, refined modularity) and efficiency (natively compiled code, emphasis on safety but ability to choose safety-efficiency tradeoffs).

There is a choice of several different compilers for D code.

Erlang is a programming language designed at the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory. Open-source Erlang is being released to help encourage the spread of Erlang outside Ericsson.

This project is where erlang package is actually being developed.

See also:

PLEASE, don't auto-follow requests to the openSUSE:Factory, until you are sure that devel:languages:erlang/bleeding_edge_erlang_Factory is fine.


This repository contains packages related to the Go programming language (designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson).

Go is an expressive, concurrent, garbage collected systems programming language that is type safe and memory safe. It has pointers but no pointer arithmetic. Go has fast builds, clean syntax, garbage collection, methods for any type, and run-time reflection. It feels like a dynamic language but has the speed and safety of a static language.

Please do not use OBS comments for support requests. Instead please use one of these communication methods:

Support via mailing list (first): (links to list archives)

For bug reports:

Haskell is a standardized purely functional programming language with non-strict semantics, named after the logician Haskell Curry. It is one of the more popular functional languages, and the lazy functional language on which the most research is being performed.

This is a development project for openSUSE:Factory that contains only the most essential tools to set up a Haskell development environment, like ghc, cabal-install, and their respective dependencies. This repository is supposed to be small and manageable.

Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level, strictly typed programming language, a cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library and ways to access each platform's native capabilities.

Packages, runtimes, interpreters, utilities and compilers for using the JavaScript programming language. This project also includes packages for using WebAssembly.


This is the development repository of the Lua programming language and its 3rd party modules for openSUSE.

For niche dialects that don't require their own devel project yet.

Node.js - Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript.

OCaml -

This prj is supposed to carry all ocaml related pkgs, preferable in a form that can be used with dune for building. It is self-contained in the sense that it has very few dependencies to the base system.

The repository SLE_15 is based on SLE15SP4.
The repository SLE_12 is based on SLE12SP5.

The purpose of ocaml pkgs in Tumbleweed, Leap or SLE is: just enough to be able to build applications written in OCaml. This reduces the amount of work to keep these packages uptodate.

this project is used by other projects:

This project provides pascal compilers as well as devel tools for developing cli/gui pascal applications.

++++++++++ Note: We are going to change the version format of the modules. See for context ++++++++++

Perl and a large number of important perl modules and tools.

Module updates from CPAN are regularly checked (with scripts from ) and put into .

Please check first before doing your own update! An updated version of the module might already be there, just that there is no submit request yet.

How to submit a new module here:


This project provides generic python modules. The Python interpreter itself is developed at devel:languages:python:Factory.

If you happen to have collection of python packages send an email to opensuse-packaging to discuss wether it would not be better to provide them subproject within devel:languages:python namespace instead of storing them here.

The Python packaging policies are found at and

The project is focused on maintaining reasonable closeness to upstream
versions while at the same time trying to make packages available for openSUSE distribution.

The main focus is openSUSE Tumbleweed and packages that are not in there will be periodically pruned from the project.

Backporting of packages against older distribution releases should not be happening in this project, only build verification. If a package is needed on any of the older openSUSE products then maintenance update is to be created. Alternatively for SLE products submission by an interested party should be done by openSUSE:Backports project.
If you just need the newest packages, please consider using devel:languages:python:backports instead.

This is due to the size of this project and likeness of errors caused by adding this whole repository.

Next generation test framework for Linux

Project to contain all the tools used in communicating with AWS/s3.

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