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Involved Projects and Packages

Project containing all various python modules for working and using Microsoft Azure.

Please don't make any submit requests before talking to @glaubitz. Please avoid updating individual packages only as this can break the Azure SDK which needs the package versions to be in sync.

Development project for python interpreting parsers for openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Testing builds are again done against older distributions to verify backporting potential. Do NOT add on your machines.

This is the development project for Jupyter-related packages, interfaces, extensions, and kernels. It also includes IPython and related packages.

Mailman is a mailing list manager from the GNU project.

This is the development project for Python-based general-purpose numeric and plotting packages, such as numpy and matplotlib.

This Project contains the latest R-base package for OpenSUSE and SLE releases. It is a devel project, i.e. R-base is submitted to Factory.

The CRAN packages are build with the current released R.

You are invited to add further packages from R. You can use R2spec to generate spec files. If the package works somewhere you can submit it for inclusion in d:l:R:released.

Please: Don't include the 'R CMD check' section of the packages in the spec file. Extensive checking is done in CRAN. We had problems with circular dependencies when tests are included.

At the moment, please, don't split packages up, even if rpmlint complains. On the R side package dependencies don't know about the concept of devel packages, so it would become harder to track dependencies on both sides.

This project contains packages related to the Raku (formerly Perl 6) project (

This project aims to provide the latest version of the ruby interpreter

Want to discuss issues? Hop into #opensuse-ruby on Freenode.

This project provides popular ruby extensions packaged for openSUSE and SLE.

Want to discuss issues? Hop into #opensuse-ruby on Freenode.


This project provides the Tcl programming language and various extensions to it.

If your library is a basic building block (-> subject to interpretation) and topically does not fit into another project, this may be the place for it.

Some rules..

1. We only build against the standard repositories for the distros
2. Users only get access to their packages. We should keep the number of project maintainers as small as possible


alacrityvm -> Virtualization:AlacrityVM
qlsert -> devel:tools
smictrl -> Do we really want to distribute it?


Split off from devel:microos to aid the transition from MicroOS Desktop being part of the main MicroOS Media towards Aeon being a separate offering in openSUSE:Factory

Experimental project for building Aeon installation images, based on tik

Should be considered more dangerous to use than devel:microos:aeon:images where actual production images are baked

If everything is disabled here its because there are no crazy experiments happening right now

This project contains the application containers for openSUSE MicroOS

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