RStudio is a set of integrated tools designed to help you be more productive
with R.

It includes a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code
execution, and a variety of robust tools for plotting, viewing history,
debugging and managing your workspace.

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0001-Unbundle-mathjax-and-pandoc.patch 0000002949 2.88 KB about 2 months
0002-Don-t-install-pandoc-and-mathjax.patch 0000002191 2.14 KB about 2 months
0003-Fix-rstudio-exec-path.patch 0000000848 848 Bytes about 2 months
0004-R_Slave-R_NoEcho-for-non-Windows.patch 0000001119 1.09 KB about 2 months
_constraints 0000000182 182 Bytes 7 months 0000876339 856 KB almost 7 years
rstudio-rpmlintrc 0000000303 303 Bytes 6 months
rstudio-server-user.conf 0000000112 112 Bytes 6 months
rstudio.changes 0000010714 10.5 KB 7 days
rstudio.spec 0000019636 19.2 KB 7 days
v1.3.959.tar.gz 0089639419 85.5 MB about 2 months
Comments for rstudio 2

Maikol Solis's avatar

mikesol wrote 30 days ago

Hi! I just installed this package in 15.2 and see that Rstudio 1.3 is not available.

Would you mind on update this package, please?


Dan Čermák's avatar

dancermak wrote 30 days ago

Sorry, but that is not possible. Leap 15.2 still has Boost 1.66 and RStudio 1.3 requires at least Boost 1.69. Unfortunately we cannot update Boost in Leap that easily and even less so, now that it is released.